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We are a team of professionals dedicated to helping you live pain-free and at your best. We work with you to bring your body back into balance, improving your physical mobility and stability, and the functions of your circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems. Our treatments help you move towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. If you’re looking for honest, caring, experienced, and knowledgeable practitioners, look no further than Antoine Osteopath.

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Children & Youth

Children’s bodies go through rapid growth. It’s in these early stages that we can work to prevent some of the issues that develop in adulthood. At Ellipse Therapy, we focus on realigning the body, relieving strain, and correcting problems resulting from injury or trauma in the formative years. In pediatric osteo, we look at the chronology of time.

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Baby TMJ massage

Adults & Seniors

Over the years, our body goes through an incredible amount of physical strain from work, play, exercise, movement, and performing daily tasks. Our body is also incredibly resilient, working as an ecosystem with the ability to restore itself. Osteopathic therapy can help the body’s natural ability to heal, bringing balance, alignment, and getting to the root cause of the symptom.

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Why choose Ellipse Therapy?

We go beyond the symptoms. We assess your body as a whole and use hands-on techniques to identify the areas of constraint, pain, and misalignment. Our methods are based on the belief that all structural and functional areas of the body are connected and that the body has the power to repair itself. With a tailored treatment plan, you can achieve optimal health and pain-free living.

At Ellipse Therapy, we understand the challenges and frustrations you face when conventional treatments aren’t working. Our goal is to help you avoid wasted time and resources with mismanaged conditions and instead, work with you to find the root cause of the problem.

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We are your compassionate partner on your journey toward health.

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