Osteopathy: What Is It?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that has a vocation to give back range of motion to the joint that lost it using muscles, articular, and tissues techniques. Well established in France, Osteopathy is a complementarity therapy. It is a respected and widely used form of therapy amongst patients, especially those affected by back or articular pain. Osteopathy provides pain relief using a holistic approach, based on the foundation that the human body should be considered in its globality as opposed to treating ailments locally and only symptomatically.

The in-depth philosophy of Manual Osteopathy is to consider that the function and the structures are linked. In reality, organs are held and protected by the musculoskeletal structure (fasciae is an example). If those systems are working in symbiosis, then there is no issue to be reported. As a result, the circulatory system, lymphatic, and digestive systems will work altogether evenly. Osteopathic techniques can vary from soft tissues treatment to joint mobilization to correct biomechanical dysfunctions.


Why Osteopath?

With other treatments and therapies available, why choose Osteopath? Osteopathic therapy involves a gentle approach suitable for most people, from a newborn baby to an older senior. The range of techniques can treat those with minor to those with complex medical issues.


Osteopathy is:

  • > A holistic approach that treats the body as a whole
  • > Targets the root cause of the issue rather than the symptoms
  • > Adapted to most people, including pediatric and per-natal needs
  • > Curative and proactive to prevent future ailments
  • > An ally for athletes

Is Osteopathy Regulated?

Not in Canada. Only Osteopath physicians from the U.S can officially hold the title of ‘Osteopath’. Unfortunately, some training is extremely poor in Canada due to the non-regulation. This is why Antoine encourages people to check the training of the Osteopath they would like to visit, especially when it comes to babies.

Osteopathy is highly and well regulated everywhere else in the world. Having come from and trained in France, Antoine is an Osteopath D.O. back in his country and has been trained full time (Cf Bio + Speciality). In France, Osteopathy is an immediate solution and a first-intention profession. Antoine is an experienced and trained expert in the field of Osteopathy.

Children & Youth

Mr. Antoine Michel studied for 3 additional years with pediatricians to understand the needs of children from the newborn stage to the adolescent years. We focus on preventing issues and identifying problems that can go into adulthood. From breastfeeding alterations and addressing birth trauma to injuries that can affect the musculoskeletal development in young children, we help parents navigate the formative years.


Baby TMJ massage

Adult & Seniors

Our goal is to help you stay active and independent for as long as possible. We help bring the body back to balance, maintain functional mobility, offer muscle relaxation techniques, reduce joint pain, preserve proper posture, and more. We look at what can be causing the symptoms of other ailments, such as headaches, tension, dizziness, digestive issues, heart problems, blood pressure, just to name a few.


Man doing elbow exercise

We work with you to bring your body back into balance


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