Osteopathic therapy can help children of all ages.

Children’s bodies go through rapid growth. It’s in these early stages where we can work to prevent some of the issues that develop in adulthood. At Ellipse Therapy, we focus on realigning the body, relieving strain, and correcting problems resulting from injury or trauma in the formative years. In pediatric osteo, we look at the chronology of time:


  • > Newborn to toddler – We can assess and treat a problem that could alter breastfeeding, correct a current issue, or offer pro-active step to ensure the trauma of birth did not affect anything on the baby’s body.
  • > Toddler to kid – If your child has fallen or is injured during play, we investigate any direct negative consequences to the musculoskeletal assessment system.
  • > Child to teen / young adult – As growth continues, subtleties can present themselves in the spine. We focus on the prevention of any future issues such as functional scoliosis as well as address problems directly linked to trauma or injury.

It’s never too early for osteopathic therapy

After spending 3 additional years of training with pediatricians, Mr. Antoine Michel has in-depth knowledge and experience in providing osteopathic therapy for infants, children, adolescents and young adults. He applies the most suitable and comfortable techniques depending on age, morphology, and treatment area.

Osteopathic therapy can help people of all ages at neural, functional, and psychological levels. Regular monitoring and maintenance can identify and prevent issues before they become a bigger problem. At Ellipse therapy, we help parents set their children up for good overall health using the primary principles of osteopathy – that the body works as a whole, is self-regulating and self-healing, and that structure and function are interrelated.


We tailor a treatment plan best suited for your child’s specific condition.


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