Osteopathic therapy at any stage of life

Over the years, our body goes through an incredible amount of physical strain from work, play, exercise, movement, and performing daily tasks. Our body is also incredibly resilient, working as an ecosystem with the ability to restore itself. Osteopathic therapy can help the body’s natural ability to heal, bringing balance, alignment, and getting to the root cause of the symptom.


  • > We focus on bringing the body back to alignment and balance.
  • > Osteopathy can help manage physical disorders and ailments for all of the body’s major systems.
  • > Through regular maintenance and close monitoring, osteopathic therapy helps prevent issues.
  • > Hands-on assessment and therapy allow us to identify the deep strains, misalignment, and tightness in the body.

Compassionate, personalized care for adults and seniors

At Ellipse Therapy, we believe that it’s never too early or too late to enjoy optimal health. By looking at the body as a whole, we see the patient as an individual with unique needs and challenges. We start your appointment with a conversation about your health concerns, discuss your medical history, answer your questions, and provide clear communication.

Mr. Antoine Michel assesses the entire body for mobility restrictions that can impact your overall wellbeing. This allows him to determine the best approach for osteo therapy and/or other medical referrals, if necessary. He uses a collaborative approach with your needs at the forefront.


We help you achieve the mobility, pain-free living, and excellent health that you’ve always wanted.


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